Spring 2016

For the next 12 weeks (beginning February 1st) your child will be encouraged to do some extra stretching at home. Acro, or anything for that matter, can't be accomplished in a one hour a week class. It takes daily discipline and practice. The results are worth it.
If your child completes a STRETCHING CHART (example below), they will receive a sticker for that week’s Split Club.
If your child receives 4 Split Club stickers during the duration of the 12 weeks (does not have to be consecutive) they will receive a prize.
If they get 10 Split Club stickers they will receive an invitation to the Banana "SPLIT" Party on Friday, May 13th, 2016.
Download and print your HOME STRETCHING CHART.  Your child will need to "check off" each stretch they have completed that particular day. Please initial after each date that your child has completed stretching. 
Forward Bend*
Butterfly Stretch*
Half Lotus Left
Half Lotus Right
Straddle Stretch Left*
Straddle Stretch Right*
Straddle Stretch Center*
Lunge Right
Front Split Stretch Right (Square hips)
Right Split
Left Lunge
Front Split Stretch Left (Square hips)
Left Split
Center Split
*Students 4-6 years old may participate by completeing the stretches marked with an "*".