The Nutcracker
General Nutcracker Audition Information
Carefully read for a detailed description of the rehearsal and performance schedule, and a brief overview of the time and financial commitments (absence policy, rehearsal tuition, etc) involved in taking part in The Nutcracker.
Important Dates
(Dates and times subject to change.)

August 26, 9am-9pm:  Placement Auditions at RDC Studio, Pinedale
August 31, 4-6pm:   Parent/Dancer Meeting & Costume Measuring
September 7:   First day of Nutcracker Classes
September 15:   Costume Order Deadline
December 9:  Tech Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal
December 14: Full Run Through with Entire Cast
December 16:  Show​*

*Given the number of dancers who are interested in the Nutcracker, we expect that we may add a second show the weekend of December 16th.
Free Placement Audition

Saturday, August 26th at RDC Studio, Pinedale
Open to the entire community! Ages 4-Adult!
Males and females encouraged to audition for ALL roles.

Audition Check-In and Registration
Auditions take place at RDC Studio on Saturday, August 26th. Please be aware that you should be at the studio at least 30 minutes prior to the time period slotted for your child's age group. We will need to check your child in, assign an audition number and measure your child’s height. For expedited check-in  PRE REGISTER FOR AUDITIONS HERE

Audition Attire
Girls: Ballet attire (leotard, tights, and ballet shoes) is preferred. Please have hair pulled back in a bun.
Boys: Dance/Athletic attire (fitted shirt, leggings, shorts, ballet or jazz shoes) is preferred. Please have hair combed back.
Audition Age
Age groups posted for auditions are based on the age of the dancer on August 26, 2017.
Due to their age, some dancers may be eligible for multiple roles. Please plan on attending and staying for each group your dancer is eligible for. 

Audition Schedule (Times subject to change.)
Each group’s audition is choreography from The Nutcracker. Once an audition has begun, late arrivals will not be admitted. In order to fairly evaluate all children, it is important that your child stay for the duration of the audition. You may choose to stay at RDC studio during your child's audition time, but you will not be allowed into the audition space or be able to view their audition. 

Males and females encouraged to audition for ALL roles.
9 - 10am ages 4-6 (Snowballs and Snowflakes)
10 - 11am ages 5-7 (Mice and Toy Soldiers)
11 - 12pm ages 6-8 (Angels)
12 - 1pm ages 7-9 (Mother Ginger's Gumdrops)
1 - 2pm ages 8-10 (Mother Ginger's Lollipops)
2 - 3pm ages 9-12 (Party Kids - including Clara, Fritz, Rat King, and Nutcracker Prince)
4 - 5pm ages 6+ Acrobatic/Tumbling Experience* (Arabian Duo and Chinese Duo/Trio)
5 - 6pm ages 11 and up (Waltz of the Flowers and  Arabian)
6 - 7pm ages 15 - Adult (Party Parents and Mother Ginger)
7 - 9pm ages 10 - Adult (Callbacks for Specialty Roles:  Spanish, Russian, Sugar Plum)

Choreography for some roles can be adjusted according to the dancers who are doing those roles. Other roles have specific requirements and are more technically demanding. Therefore, only dancers with these skills will be given those roles.​
*Gymnasts are not required to be dancers. They should be able to complete round offs, cartwheels, walkovers, flips, and additional material.

Posting of Audition Results
Audition results will be posted by Thursday, August 31st. We will email the results or call the dancers personally. A mandatory Parent/Dancer Meeting for all cast dancers will be held on Friday, September 1st from 5-7pm in the Lovatt Room at the Sublette County Library in Pinedale. Plan on arriving 15 minutes early so that we may start on time, answer any questions, and measure all dancers for their costumes.

Registering for your Role
Once your dancer has been cast you must accept their role by registering for their rehearsal class with a nonrefundable $10 performer deposit. Instructions about how to accept will be sent out with the Cast List information.  All dancers must accept their roles by Tuesday, September 5th.  If you have not accepted by that time we will assume you are declining the role and it will be recast.
Several roles are cast with an understudy to fulfill the role in case a need arises. Understudies are expected to attend all rehearsals for any role they are cast as an understudy.
Since The Nutcracker is an extra performance opportunity and not a full studio showcase/recital, several different rules apply. When selecting dancers for specific roles, we must consider many things, the most important of which is talent, ability, behavior, regular attendance, and conduct. We encourage dancers to maintain their academic acheivement and attend their regular dance classes at local studios.
Rehearsals are fairly intense. EVERYTHING must be accomplished in a very short time - only 13 weeks. Therefore, we DO NOT have time to deal with problematic dancers. Everyone must be able to stay focused during their entire rehearsal period. Your dancer should also be prepared to give his/her full attention/effort to participate in The Nutcracker. No one should begin rehearsals only to drop out when something else becomes available.

Financial Commitment

Rehearsal Classes
Dances with 4 or more students will be charged at the normal tuition rate for that class ($35 per month for a 30 minute class and $45 per month for a 45 minute class, $50 for a 1hour class).  If you are cast in a Solo, Duet or Trio, your rehearsal schedule will vary from week to week.  Solo, Duet and Trio rehearsals will be charged at a rate of $55 per hour and the cost will be divided equally amongst the dancers in the rehearsal.

You will be expected to pay for your child's costume(s), tights, shoes, make-up, hair products and other personal items. Please remember that the Nutcracker is a character Ballet.  That means that the majority of our dancers will be playing fantasy characters. Each dance will have a costume.  If you are cast in more than one dance then you will have more than one costume.  The costumes run between $60-$100.  We will measure for costumes on Friday, September 1st or at your first rehearsal.  Your costume order must be placed and paid for by September 15th.


Rehearsal Schedule
Rehearsal classes will begin the week of September 4th and continue through production week. Each dance will rehearse once a week.  If you are cast in more than one piece then you will have more than one rehearsal class. (Our discounted hourly tuition rates apply. See TUITION .) Most children will rehearse on Thursdays and/or Fridays, with some groups/specialty performers rehearsing on Saturdays and Sundays.

Plan to arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to rehearsal time with your dancer ready to begin at their scheduled time. We will have a rehearsal schedule emailed to each dancer and posted on the website: On the Audition Registration form there is a "Prior Commitment" section. We will do our best to work around the other dance commitments and schedules in the community.

We need total concentration by everyone and guests prevent this. All rehearsals, including tech and dress rehearsals, are considered “closed rehearsals,” meaning only participants (no parents) are allowed to be inside of rehearsal space.

Each dancer is expected to practice on their own between rehearsals. We schedule a MINIMUM of rehearsal time for each dance in order NOT to monopolize your spare time. This is especially important for solos and small ensemble pieces. Even though you are awarded a specific role, IT WILL BE GIVEN TO THE UNDERSTUDY IF YOU DO NOT PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN TO IMPROVE IT.

We highly encourage all students to enroll in a Ballet class (and Acro/Tumbling class for specific roles) at the studio of their choice to improve the technique required to perform their given role.

Rehearsal Attire
Usual dance class attire should be worn for all rehearsals. Please wear leotards and tights for rehearsals. We want to see the lines, and no hiding under legwarmers and sweatpants!

Several roles are cast with an understudy to fulfill the role in case a need arises. Understudies are expected to attend all rehearsals for any role they are cast as an understudy.


We want this to be the best experience possible for your dancer.  In order for that to happen they must consistently come to rehearsals.

Rehearsal scheduling is at the discretion of RDC Studio, and attendance is MANDATORY. NO unexcused absences will be permitted. Many roles will be understudied, so if your child is not ill and is absent, the understudy will be notified and your dancer WILL BE REPLACED THAT SAME DAY. If you wait until the next time your dancer comes to class to explain an absence, it will be too late. THERE IS NO EXTRA TIME BUILT INTO THE REHEARSAL CALENDAR, SO MISSED REHEARSALS CANNOT BE MADE UP (even if the dancer is ill). UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: sleepovers, parties, shopping trips, "I forgot", "lost my schedule", no ride.

Each dancer will receive a complete rehearsal calendar and schedules will be posted on the website and via email. ALTHOUGH EVERY EFFORT IS MADE TO ADHERE TO THIS SCHEDULE, WE ASK THAT YOU CHECK YOUR EMAIL FREQUENTLY IN CASE OF NECESSARY CHANGES. Communication will be through email. Please make sure you provide us with your current address.

Rehearsals are arranged around the conflicts you give us on your audition form, so no one will be excused from rehearsals due to things that are added AFTER the schedule is finished. This includes extra track meets, choral and band competitions, gymnastics meets, swim meets, soccer games, birthday parites, etc. (Exceptions – other dance performing opportunities). We must do this in order to ensure the quality of the best possible production. Please do not put yourself or us in the awkward position of asking to be excused due to changes with your other activities. Your commitment to this production is just as important as your other commitments. You are not alone, the rest of the cast rely on you.

Since most of our dancers depend on parents to transport them to and from rehearsals, you should check your personal calendars against the rehearsal calendar for any possible conflicting dates as soon as you receive it. Failure to attend rehearsal because the parent forgets to check the schedule, or because the dancer does not have a ride will still result in the dancer being replaced. Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if there are problems. We truly regret having to replace any dancer, however, THERE IS NO EXTRA TIME TO MAKE UP MISSED REHEARSALS.

Dancers will only have approximately 13 rehearsals to learn their Nutcracker dances.  Therefore, if your dancer misses 2 rehearsals, we reserve the right to remove them from their dance.  If this occurs, or if you choose to leave at a later date, no refunds will be given on tuition, costumes or tickets, unless there is a verified medical reason for the dancer to leave the show.

Several roles are cast with an understudy to fulfill the role in case a need arises. Understudies are expected to attend all rehearsals for any role they are cast as an understudy.
Dress Rehearsal

Mandatory Rehearsals
Dancers will participate in scheduled rehearsals which are mandatory. Technical and Dress rehearsals will include the entire cast. Dancers are expected to arrive and be ready to rehearse by their call time (arrival time). Dancers should arrive with hair and makeup done (based on specific guidelines given for each participant’s role), and be ready to dress in their costume (with leotard, tights, and shoes on). If a participant has multiple roles/costumes, please arrive ready for the first role rehearsed.

There is an “in-studio dress rehearsal” (costume only, no makeup) for all dancers the the week of December 4 - 8 during regular rehearsal time. There is a MANDATORY Tech and Dress Rehearsal on Saturday, December 9, as well as a MANDATORTY Full Run Through Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, December 14.

Dress Rehearsals are closed rehearsals. That is, only guests specifically invited may observe rehearsal. Parents who do not wish to drive home (if there is a real distance involved) and back again may stay. However, be forewarned that those who do stay are usually put to work.


Our Nutcracker performance takes place on Saturday, December 16th in Pinedale.  Given the number of dancers who are interested in the Nutcracker, we expect that we may add a second show the weekend of December 16.  Tickets go on sale the first week of November.  Ticket prices are still to be determined, but are not expected to be more that $10.


Volunteers are the key to a successful production. The opportunity for your dancer, and the community, to experience The Nutcracker is only possible because of these great volunteers! There will be a variety of volunteer jobs available – ushers, backstage volunteers, etc.  We will make tickets available to our volunteers one day early. We will begin volunteer registration in October.

We have over 50 volunteer positions ranging from set and costume preparation to ticket booth sales and backstage chaperones. As RDC's production of The Nutcracker is supported ENTIRELY by volunteers, it is our hope that ALL Nutcracker participant families fill at least one volunteer shift during the Nutcracker season.

Volunteer Committees

ASSISTING DIRECTOR:  help organize volunteers, help with coordination of production, etc

SETS:  painting sets/scenery - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY 

PROPS:  making or refurbishing props (AT HOME PROJECT) 

MAKEUP:  a one Performance or Dress Rehearsal commitment 

HAIR:  curling, fixing, making sure all heads are coiffed beautifully 

DRESSERS:  a one Performance or Dress Rehearsal commitment (MUST STAY BACKSTAGE) 

BACKSTAGE:  a one Performance or Dress Rehearsal commitment (MUST STAY BACKSTAGE). Only parents who are designated as backstage volunteers (chaperones, runners) will be allowed past the security table during rehearsal and performance days. If you think your child may want you with them, please sign up for chaperone duty.

PACKING:  several people are needed to help pack all sets, props, etc. before Load In. 

LOAD IN/OUT:  Man or woman-power needed to move everything to the theatre during production week. It requires several people to load the truck and unpack it at the theatre. Also need help to tear down after the final performance. This is not so much muscle as it is lots of hands to gather everything together.

PUBLICITY:  IMPORTANT COMMITTEE! We prepare flyers and necessary information for you to give to your church bulletins, civic organizations, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, nursing homes, public service announcements for local radio stations. It’s more than simply hanging posters. WITHOUT PUBLICITY WE HAVE NO AUDIENCE. 

COSTUMES:  Make alterations, sew-on buttons, ironing etc. (take-home projects), press costumes.

STAGE CREW:  Need 10 people (male or female) to pull curtains, move scenery; must have same group for all performances and rehearsals as duties must be assigned. STRENGTH VERY HELPFUL - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 

FUNDRAISING:  ad selling, bake sale, even organizing a Nutcracker Ball! The possibilities are endless. 

BOX OFFICE:  Ticket Sales – Box office at performance. Tickets will go on sale in November. 
If you have any questions regarding our production of The Nutcracker please email  RDC Studio or you can give us a call at 307-367-4511 .